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Case Study: Diverticulitis

DiverticulitisA 63 year old women with severe diverticulitis* for years was continually having bouts with extreme pain. Her physician prescribed steroids, antibiotics and a high fiber diet. When she was not on medications her pain and symptoms returned worse each time. She was becoming weaker and having symptoms of toxicity; headaches, lethargy, rashes, and nausea.
After a period of shifting her whole body pH and improving digestion, we began a program of strengthening her bowel wall. Her eliminations improved and she no longer had any pain or bouts of diverticulitis.
After ~8 months on her program she came into my office and asked me about passing kernels of corn? Recently, she had observed passing kernels of corn. She stated she had not eaten any corn for over a year. Her bowel walls had strengthened and were healing the diverticulitis pockets. Those pockets had released their stored toxic material, which included kernels of corn.

*Diverticulitis is a condition where small pouches bulge outward through the colon or large intestine. These pouches can contain waste material and food, i.e., corn. These bulges occur at weak areas along the bowel wall. Your body then attempts to seal these toxic pouches up. However, these bulges can become inflammed, infected, and rupture causing extreme pain and serious problems. Conventional medical treatment usually involves antibiotics, steroids, and surgery to remove the diverticulii.