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Case Study: Crippling Arthritis

Crippling ArthritisAn 86-year-old woman came to me with crippling arthritis. Her pain was constant and was eroding her quality of life. She was in a wheelchair and her hands were knotted and disfigured. She didn't have much hope that I could help but she had a goal she wasn't ready to give up on. She wanted to be able to bowl again. She had been prescribed a diet that consisted of too many simple carbohydrates, not enough protein, and no regard for "quality" fats. First we worked on improving her digestion to make sure she was absorbing nutrients. I put her on a nutrition regimen of adequate quality proteins and essential fatty acids. I also recommended eliminating grains containing gluten which can contribute to mal-absorption and joint inflammation. We added whole food supplements to help rebuild the tissues and fluids around her joints. With her physician's help she was able to reduce some of her medications. As time progressed her joint inflammation and pain decreased, her strength increased, and she was able to get out of her wheelchair. After about a year on her program she came into my office with a spring in her step, hugged me and said, "I bowled yesterday".