What is Nutritional Chemistry?

What is Nutritional Chemistry? Nutritional chemistry is a process of analyzing the biochemistry of your body. Understanding your unique biochemistry is the first step in solving health problems. Body chemistry indicators, such as acid/alkaline balance, metabolic rate, stage of stress, immune system function, adrenal, hormone, and thyroid activity, mental and emotional balances, are all important to consider before starting on any nutrition or supplement program.

How Nutritional Chemistry Analysis Works?

First, we discuss your symptoms and history, including your eating and sleeping patterns. I will review your current medications, and treatments you may be undergoing. Lab work is also reviewed (blood, urine, and saliva), including hormone and other biochemical indicators. After interviewing you and examining lab results and/or other medical information, I evaluate your areas of biochemical strengths and deficiencies and then provide you with a nutrition and supplement program designed to shift your body's balance towards better health.

A Complement to Traditional Medical Care

Most of my clients are under the supervision of a physician or other primary practitioner. Nutritional Chemistry complements their medical care and is intended to enhance and facilitate healing during medical treatment.
I have extensive clinical experience working with different practitioners who have the interest but not the time to address the whole person. I have seen that together we can improve the patient's results. I can provide that "bridge" between allopathic medicine and alternative medicine for patients.