If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to take a closer look at professional, therapeutic supplements, so you can understand what you are taking, why, and the risks and benefits associated with the supplements you take.

Supplement Professional
For 23+ years I have been using supplement therapies to assist my clients. Complex health issues require a comprehensive approach. Experienced, skilled use of professional supplements can provide what may be missing in the diet, what may be loss or inhibited by medications, or what may be out of balance from disease. I have successfully implemented hundreds of supplement protocols for various health risks and diseases.
"You're asking your primary care practitioner about supplements, you're surfing the web for information, let a professional help you."
Each year new medical and scientific studies confirm just how key proper nutrition is for the healthy functioning of the human body. How obtaining the right nutrients optimize body performance and fight disease. Unfortunately today's food supply is no longer a reliable source for the nutrients. Most soil is depleted of its nutrients by over farming, pesticides, chemical additives, and is incapable of growing fresh produce rich in vitamins and minerals.