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75, 80 Years Young
" We have been working with Tara for over 15 years. We have been able to maintain an active lifestyle, free of pain or other conditions that seem to limit many seniors. We both play golf 2-3 times a week and usually walk. Without Tara we would have not been able to stay so active and healthy"
--Jim and Donna, Eugene
Bone spurs
" I've had bone spurs on my feet for years, causing me a great deal of pain. With the right calcium and other nutrients my xrays and relief prove they're gone."
--Tim, Los Angeles
Chronic Fatigue/ME
"I've labored in all areas of my life because of illness. Tara was able to identify patterns of my symptoms which were eventually diagnosed as chronic fatigue. Changes in my diet, timing of my meals, and supplements made a hugh difference in eliminating many of my symptoms."
--Karen, CA 12/08
"My wife took me to Tara because I was always so up and down with my energy and moods. After consulting with my Doctor and Tara I learned I was pre-diabetic.
Tara outlined a nutritional program which I could manage and actually enjoyed. After a few months my blood sugar, moods, and energy levels stabilized and I lost 60 pounds"

--Dan, Portland
Finally made the commitment
"Tara has been explaining nutrition to me for over a year. I finally made the commitment and to date, I have lost 36 pds., went from a size 18 to a size 12 and have a flat tummy. I have more energy and my husband and I are looking forward to hiking a lot like we used to."
--Rita, Elmira
MS, Limited Mobility
"Yesterday, I took a shower, washed and dried my hair, got dressed and went out. That's big for me! Usually, I get finished with drying my hair and besides resting in between I'd finish and lay down, no going anywhere. It was my childs birthday, so after doing a bit of birthday and Father's Day shopping, came home for a bit and went out with family for birthday dinner. It was great! Just wanted to thank you for your help and info. It's encouraging. Anyway, it's going well and I do appreciate your insight."
--Karen, RI 6/09
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